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SWIMFIN – a revolutionary swimming aid!

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SWIMFIN – a revolutionary swimming aid!

SwimFin is the world’s first and only vertical buoyancy aid, shaped like a shark’s fin!  It straps on high up around the child’s back, allowing complete freedom of movement for the arms and legs, unlike other flotation devices such as arm bands and noodles.

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SwimFin is three things in one:

A learning aid - tests have shown children learn to swim in one third of the time when using a SwimFin

A flotation device - it completely supports the child in the water, without tipping them forward

A fun toy - your child can pretend to be a shark (or a pink angelfish if that is your child’s preference) – need we say more!

SwimFin comes in 6 colours – red, orange, pink, blue, grey and black.  

Who can use SwimFin?

SwimFin is suitable for all ages from two years and up and all abilities.  It can be used to assist learning all four strokes, including back stroke.

Is it safe?

SwimFin has been extensively tested and complies with international safety standards.  It is the only aid to have been endorsed by the UK Amateur Swimming Association (ASA).  SwimFin has enough buoyancy that it will keep an adult afloat.  

It is made out of moulded foam and so unlike inflatable aids will not deflate or burst.   This also makes it very easy to put on – no more time spent on blowing up inflatable aids!

Why should I buy one?

SwimFin comes with a lifetime guarantee.  As it is suitable for all ages, you only need to buy one (unless your child would like a different colour!), compared with arm bands and floats that only last for a year or two until your child has outgrown them.

Testing has shown that children learn to swim in one third of the time when using SwimFin, saving you money in expensive (but necessary) swimming lessons!

Will my child want to wear it?

Using a SwimFin is fun! Once your child realises that it will fully support them, they will gain more and more confidence in the water.  Using a SwimFin turns learning to swim into a game.





SWIMFIN Swimming Aid

SWIMFIN Swimming Aid

SwimFin makes learning to swim fun!

- Suitable for children of all ages & abilities & for learning all four swimming strokes.

- Inspires confidence and makes lessons fun!

- your child can learn to swim in 30% less time than with others products.

- SwimFin comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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