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Guided Learning

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At Guided Learning, we develope routine visuals for you so that you can have more time with your child. 

Based on everyday routines that can always be a great source of frustration for parents and children, these visuals work best in aligning expectation between you and your child. 

Using visual routines helps manage your child’s behaviour and create a sense of independence, confidence and well-being within your child.

Rewards & Routines Visuals:

  • Simple daily routines make home life fun
  • Reward your kids and see them prosper and grow 
  • Your kids become happier, more confident and independent

Visuals help develop your child a sense of:

    • Confidence
    • Accomplishment
    • Independence
    • Happiness
    • Enhanced Communication

Guided Learning Products

  • Morning Routine
  • Bedtime Routine
  • Bathroom Routine
  • Daily Schedule
  • Rewards Chart
  • Happy Healthy Rewards Chart

Starts from $15 each. Bundle package is available.






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