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Crayons | Imagine Creative Learning

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Address | 9 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove NSW 2066
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SavvyPink Comments | Crayons has the coolest toys and gadgets to inspire kids!  Kids learn best when they are fascinated by their toys! TMC loves their classes and workshops too! 

Imagine Creative Learning

Crayons designs, manufactures and sells electronic hardware and software to be used in the education of children aged 3-11 years.

All children have the ability to imagine and create extraordinary things and through this process they learn and gain confidence. At Crayons we believe “Non-toxic Brain Food”  is the way to nourish young curious minds and help them to achieve great creative and educational outcomes.   There is something for every child in the Crayons product range which will help them to learn and create no matter what their abilities or interests. Our Boogie Boards help artistic imaginations to run wild  without the cost of reams of paper and our colourful Crayons Keyboards have proven extremely popular with children, especially those who may have motor skill difficulties.

Crayons is a family owned business born out of the frustration of an evidently limited range of technologies suitable for children. In 2011, and with much excitement, we designed, manufactured and introduced our popular Educational Netbook, and in September 2012 we were delighted to present our Educational Tablet, the Crayons Android Pad. 
Our initial tagline at  Crayons was “Technology for Kids” and we are particularly proud of the variety of creative and educational Apps provided free of charge with both the Netbook and the Pad. As a proudly Australian company specialising in child friendly technology we quickly realised the importance of simple tuition for children in how to use our products and Apps.  Crayons now provides a variety of free children’s workshops in store that begin with simple subjects such as drawing or storytelling and can progress  to 3D modelling, robotics and animation as well as basic programming. Assistance to adults regarding any of the foregoing is only ever an enquiry away.
At Crayons we have qualifications in education and technology and we are particularly inspired by Sir Ken Robinson, an English author and children’s education and creativity expert, who firmly believes that we need to teach children to create, allow them to make mistakes and think more broadly about the world we live in. At Crayons we are especially passionate about helping children to learn that their creativity is limitless.
To this end our website is packed with wonderful things that have been carefully selected especially for children, with an eye to price, usefulness, durability and long life. We are mindful of our environmental and global obligations.  Our store in Lane Cove is a treasure trove of all our products and has just recently become the home of our New Fantastic Maker Dough - simply the best choice for air dried modelling - be it underwater creatures, furniture for a dolls house or laser wielding aliens. :-)

Boogie Board LCD Jot 4.5" eWriter $26.99 after 10% off 
- Kick stand slot
- Scratch Resistant Plastic LCD
- Pocket Sized
- Snap on Cover


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