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Snips Hair & Beauty Salon

Call | 02 9413 2991
Address | Snips Hair & Beauty Salon
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Just ShowN$ave | Free Moroccanoil repair treatment with Shampoo Cut and Style

The Orient Artistry - a line that clearly defines Snips, as we cater to every detail in hair care for Oriental men and women while delivering fresh styles which are themselves arts. Snips targets the middle to higher income groups, offering a broad spectrum of hair care products and services revolving around Snips' signature re-bonding technology - one that offers Power Straight and Ceramic Wave, colour fusion as well as Snips hair spa and treatment. At Snips, customer service always comes first and as such, it has become a house policy for a stylist to be available at all times during the entire treatment session of a customer. This policy has enabled us to foster a formidable customer-stylist relationship, enhancing the customers' trust and loyalty while ensuring their continuous support.

Snips Salon is carrying a brand vision of I.C.E. that stands for Innovation, Creativity and Education. The brand vision develop through Innovation - improve, changes and introduce new technologies over time, Creativity - intelligence, imagination to perform and hairdressing new look change over time, Education - knowledge and abilities to develop the character and mental powers.
Double Bonus: First visit customer get 20% off for colour  or Perm or Power  Straightening
Open 6 Days
Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
Thu 9am-7pm
Sat 9am-6pm
Appointment booking available. Please call 02 9413 2991.



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