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K Beauty

Call | 0411 399 880
Address | 1-15 Fontenoy Road, Macquarie Park

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SavvyPink Comments | K Beauty's owner is a mummy herself, she understands what a mummy needs the most.  

K Beauty is a home-based beauty salon which provides a wide range of beauty services in a private, comfy and tranquil setting. 

~By Appointment Only~

Facial Treatment 

Mini facial                 $30/30mins
Deluxe facial         $48/60mins 
Acne facial treatment $56/70mins
Collagen facial           $78
Eye Treatment 
Collagen eye mask + Ultra sound  $34/30
Hand Treatment 
Paraffin wax  $20 
Special Treatment
Microdermabrasion Treatment  $30/30mins
Ultra sound  $26/15mins 
Photon Rejuvenation LED Light Treatment $28
Eye Tinting 
Eye lash tinting  $10 
Eye brow tinting  $10
Slimming Treatment
Body Slimming Treatment $36/30mins
Face Slimming Treatment $30/30mins
Eyebrow $10 
Lip $6 
Chin $6
Full face (incl eyebrow and lip) $28
Underarm $12
Full arm $26
Half arm  $15
Full leg $30
Half leg $16
Thighs $18
Bikini line $16 
Brazillian $40 



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