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Stay Healthy with Your Partner


Does your partner care about his own health? You know it is important for you to stay healthy in order to take care of your loved ones in your family. But how about your partner? What if he doesn’t share your enthusiasm for healthy lifestyle?

Let’s face it – many men are not as health-conscious as women. It could be really difficult to engage your partner in achieving health goals together. Here are some tips to stay fit with him. 

Include exercise routine in your weekend planning
Weekend is a perfect time to get active. You can take the lead to ditch the couch and TV plan and opt for a morning walk. Spend some time to research on ideal work out locations or fun activities after the walk. Involve the kids in planning too so everyone can have fun together.

Set an example
How about putting your own fitness plan into action first? Don’t simply nag him for not doing exercise. Show him your post work out glow can be far more effective in engaging him in your fitness routine. For sure, you will look good and feel great too.

Go for the healthier choices
You do not have to have green salad for every single meal to stay healthy. Choose low fat and low sodium dairy products over the regular ones.  Bake sweet potato wedges and forget about the oily French fries. Grilling is an easy way to cook and it is also healthier than pan frying as it needs much less oil. Sometimes small changes in your diet can make a big difference. He may not even notice the changes you have made.

Think about the cost
As both of you are running the family together, it is fair to talk about how the money should be spent. Work together to cut back on cigarettes, alcohol, junk food or anything unhealthy. You will be surprised by how much you can save from that. 

If the man at your home is one of those men who are not as health conscious, you’re not alone! Let’s stay healthy and fit together today! 


This article is contributed by our member, Phyllis W, a mum of two boys.  

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