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[cookingTIPS] Tips about freezing food - to save time, effort and money


A freezer can be a mummy's best friend – it helps save your time, your effort and your money.

Taking care of kids can leave you little time to cook.  Making meals ahead can be a good option not only for parties but also for basic home cooking. Imagine when dinner preparation means reheating only, you can spend a lot more time with kids during the day!  Freezer makes most sense as you buy in bulk, you’re saving money as well as time for grocery shopping.

Here’re some tips about freezing food.   
- Always start with good quality foods and freeze them at peak freshness. 
- Keep handling to a minimum and make sure everything is clean. Freezing doesn’t kill bacteria. 
- Pay attention to sealing and packaging. Exposure to air and moisture damages frozen foods. This use moisture-proof wraps of a type and size suitable for the contents. 
- Cool food rapidly if it’s been cooked; NEVER put anything hot – or even warm – into your freezer. 
- Freeze as quickly as possible, and in small quantities, and wrap separately.  
- When packing food for freezing, exclude as much air as possible, but remember to allow appropriate headspace before sealing securely. 
- Freeze in the coldest part of your freezer.  Don’t pack items of food too closely together. Spread them out until frozen. 
- Transfer newly added items to the main part of the freezer once they have been frozen. 
- Label and date food so that you can rotate stock. Keep a record sheet at the fridge door and tick off items as you use them.  You can tell without opening the freezer which supplies are running low. 
- Label food packages before putting them in the freezer because labels won’t stick to frozen parcels.
- It is essential never to freeze more than one tenth of the freezer’s capacity in any 24 hours. With the addition of unfrozen food pushes the freezer temperature; the result will be slow freezing. This has to be avoided.   



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