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Can Yummy Snacks be Healthy for Us and our Kids?


Snacking can be good or bad, depending upon the choices one makes. Eating habits are not intuitive; they’re acquired behaviors; what your children learn to eat at home early in life sticks with them well into adulthood.  Healthy snacking is getting more of a buzzword as there are more and more kids being diagnosed with diabetes, obesity, allergies, ADHD; having a look at the nutrition label becomes a must. Healthy snacks are indispensable as you stock up the pantry.  

Every mum strives to give the best to their children and see them grow up healthily and happily. When looking for healthy snacks for kids, recipes are abundant. Here are some tips when choosing healthy snacks for your kids.  

4 Tips to Healthy Snacks for your Kids
Go green | When it comes to snacks, junk food such as French fries, lollies, chips and the like come up straight away. Keep plenty of fruits (fresh and dried), vegetables, multigrain snacks, and healthy beverages (like water, pure fruit juice) around so kids become used to reaching for healthy snacks instead of junk snacks like soda, cookies, chips or lollies.

Strawberries, blueberries, passion fruit, kiwi, grapes can be candies to the eye. Buy at the right season for the sweet and ripe ones – who wouldn’t like these essentially sweet treats!  It is a matter of perception that snacks can be healthy and antioxidant-loaded, too. 

Go healthy | Many children always crave for such treats like burgers, chicken nuggets, and pizzas; they don’t really NEED them.   Highly processed foods like such might seem inevitable though they are there in our everyday life and they are the culprits for obesity and cancers.  

Let’s switch to some healthy alternatives like oven-roasted sweet potato wedges instead of French fries.  Apart from the sweet potato being a better option than the potato in calories, fibre, soluble fibre and GI level, the roasting method will not attract as much oil than commercial chips, let alone the transfat from the type of oil used. 

Homemade burgers free from MSG and preservatives with heaps of greens can be as delicious as the Happy Meal at Meccas. Choose wholemeal or wheat flour over white flour when it comes to baking treats.   
Go for fresh | Aisles at Wollies and Coles are stacked with highly processed and packed snacks. Scrutinising the nutrition label will reveal many fine secrets like loads of sodium, addition of MSG - monosodium glutamate, sodium nitrite, hydrogenated vegetable oils, food colorings, preservatives and more.  The additive-enhanced snacks will appeal to your taste buds but surely, they are not approved by your body and mind. 

‘Swap it, don’t stop it!’ 
When it comes to food and diet, moderation is the key. Swap it! You don’t have to stop it! Obviously if you drink lemonade in moderation, followed by French fries in moderation and cookies in moderation, it is by no means healthy. You might have a pizza night every now and then and balance it with heaps of fresh salad greens on the side; it is a better practice which goes a long way.

As a parent, we strive to instill the healthiest habits in our kids, though an occasional special treat won’t do any harm. This will help make eating a more enjoyable experience in your kid’s childhood. 



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