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When Fashion & Beauty Meets Mums-to-be: How to Stay Trendy & Chic during Pregnancy


Pregnancy is undoubtedly the most beautiful thing that happens in any woman’s life. So, why you need to sacrifice your beauty and fashion by draping some baggy and ill-fitted clothes. While there are lots of maternity outfits available in the market that you can simply shop shop shop till you drop, you can also design your own comfortable yet sophisticated outfits out of your existing wardrobe. Here are some tips on fashion and beauty for mums-to-be.
Start with something practical 

Pregnancy trouser expanders and bra extenders can be your best friends during the early stage of your pregnancy. They allow you to utilise your wardrobe and wear your all-time favourite even when your body shows extra curves.     

Clothing for pregnant women
Show your color | Pregnancy is the most cherished moment of your life – let’s celebrate the period by wearing vibrant colored clothes. Hues like floral pink, shades of yellow, and sky blue enhance your feminine aura.  Say bye to dull and dark colors which can hide your pregnancy away.
Right Fabric | Empire cuts and multiple pleats are excellent choices when you want to highlight your feminine curves. Materials like cotton, chiffon and natural fabric allow the skin to breathe. You can wear fashionable maxis, shirts, and pyjamas to feel comfortable during your pregnancy days.
Style Statement | Wearing 'V' neck clothes with intricate embroidery work can steal the show even with a belly bump. The change in hormones during pregnancy gives you a natural glow and intense feminine charm. You must attire yourself with studded necklines, off-shoulder blouses, and frills that give a charming look and flaunt your best days of life in style.
Trendy fashion and beauty accessories for mums-To-Be
High heels must be avoided during pregnancy. It is always advisable to wear flat slippers and walk on the even surface. 

Scarves and wraps
in bold colours can not only keep you warm but also give a bit of statement to some everyday wear. 

Beautiful pair of earrings and chic neck piece
can be good accessories of fashion and beauty for mums-to-be. 

Avoid large handbags if possible as they might tire you more than you have imagined.  

Enjoy every moment that your feminine curves bring to you. 



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