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10 Cool Things to Do before Summer Ends


Ten sizzling tips to seize the summer spirit before autumn creeps in. In a few weeks' time, we’re turning our clocks backward an hour.  Let’s make hay while the sun shines!

Hosting a party
Anytime is party time but a summer party can be more special. Get a bunch of friends for lots of fun and games with some great food thrown in. A theme party can enhance the fun element.

Playing on the beach
Summer is a great time to spend time on the beach and let the sun and sand soar your spirits. Just make sure you take adequate protection against sunburns.  It is a fun way to beat the summer heat.

Having your kids plan for a picnic  
Let your kids be the boss and they will decide the food to make and things to bring.  Sit back and relax! You’ll be amazed by the picnic they plan for you.   

Having an backyard movie night party  
Have plenty of popcorns, lots of laughter and little stress, everyone is happy!  You’ll also need to gather a projector, a screen and some chairs, or simply a blanket on the lawn!  When kids are there, an intermission might seem a good idea!  Have kids perform a song or dance during intermission.  
Make this an annual anticipated event and this will become your kid’s cherished childhood memories.   

Camping out at your yard
Camping is fun! Kids of all ages love camping!  Kids are entertained as they have a bunch of friends sleep over at a time. Mummies are happy as we can snug in beds! 
A pretend day camp is as good you don’t have a yard at home.    

Plan a pool party
Summer is the perfect time to plan a pool party.  You’ll love an inflatable pool if you don’t have a pool at home.  Make water your best companion this summer.

Pamper yourself 
Make that spa visit you’ve been planning to make for the past several months happen now. Get a makeover and indulge in the best beauty treatments to add to that natural tan that your stint at the beach has given you. 

Make the Best of the Summer Sales
Shopping therapy is a great mood booster. The summer sales are a great way to shop till you drop without breaking your bank. Get great bargains on your favorite items and flaunt it all unabashedly. 

Whip up some cool stuff
There’s nothing like a tall glass of cool drinks when the sun beats down relentlessly.  Chill ahead some honey lemon for kids, it’s healthier than just fizzy drink! My favourite is rose and berry tea.  Don’t forget to share this experience with your friends to make it doubly enjoyable.

Late summer laundry cleaning
Summer is a good time for laundry especially when the day is long.  With autumn break comes mid April, it’s a good chance to get all the winter clothes and bedding ready and just before autumn comes.

Here’re some of the activities you would not want to miss before the season is over. Let’s enjoy our summer to its fullness! Don’t let summer slip and glide away.  Enjoy!  




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