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[Yummy Healthy Recipe for Kids] Apple Sandwiches


This is a yummy and healthy snack recipe for morning tea, avro snack. Your kids are going to love them!!  Get kids to make them together! The fun part is the making!  Kids love to help in the making of this healthy snack. It can’t go wrong with spreading nut butter and sprinkle granola.   


Large firm apples - Pink Lady, Granny Smith, anything you like
2 tablespoon Peanut butter
handful of raisins
handful of granola

Tips & Instructions 

1. Wash apples. Slice horizontally into thick, round slices. 

2. Core each slice using a corer. No corer in the kitchen drawer? A small cookie cutter does the job as well - even better with different shapes

3. Coat apple slices with some lemon juice to avoid browning.  

4.  Get kids to spread nut butter and spribkle raisins and granola. 

5. Use yogurt instead of nut butter when making apple sandwiches for your pre-schooler, with most pre-schools having nut-free policy. 

6. This can be a great morning tea at school. Wrap sandwiches tightly and tuck them into lunchboxes. There you go! 


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