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Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits you from Head to Toe


Coconut oil makes my body and skin happy.  Not only do I use it in my cooking, but my beauty routines.  The kind of coconut oil I use is organic, extra virgin one, which is cold-pressed from fresh coconuts.  The rule of thumb of eating healthy to me is that the closer to the food itself being natural, the better.  Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil is available in organic shops.

Great for cooking  
The sweet freshly cracked coconut aroma in the oil enhances the flavour and aroma of my cooking. I use coconut oil in salads, pancakes, and some stir fry dishes.   

Heating an oil changes its flavor and nutritional value. Oils which are healthy and fragrant eating raw can become unhealthy when heated above certain temperatures. Coconut oil is not destroyed or changed chemically by using LOW heat. When deep frying or cooking in high heat, however, I’m using other oils such as rice bran oil which has a relatively higher smoke point.

Great for beauty
Having fallen in love with the characteristics of coconut oil, I indulge in the enjoyment of this aromatic beauty food; I use it in my skincare routines.  It smells divine, sweet and lovely and is absorbed readily penetrating into and nourishing each and every skin cell.  It works perfectly with my dry skin. I use it from head to toe.  Here’s how I use it:

Sunscreen remover | Sunscreen can’t be cleaned by using face washer, and not to mention, pure water.  Only oil can remove oil based substances like makeup and sunscreen.  I grab some coconut oil and warm it up a bit before massaging over my face.

Scrub/Exfoliation | I opt for coconut oil in my sugar scrub. It’s awaking and nourishing!  Details are in Home Spa Series | Pamper Yourself with this 5-minute Facial Scrub at home under 10 cents.

Body and facial massage oil | Coconut oil is one of the best oils for massage as it glides smoothly and it’s easily absorbed.  It’s perfect for facial and body massage. By adding a drop of essential oil into your coconut oil, you’re pampering yourself with a best-possible home spa experience.   To make the best out of it, choose the right essential oil for your skin type. Read my other post:  The Right Essential Oils for You - Essential Oils by Skin Types.

Mask | Coconut oil might not be in every facial mask I have; it is definitely one of my favourites when an oil component is needed.  

Hair & scalp conditioning | Coconut oil works as a pre-conditioning hair mask before shampoo. Massage gently on the scalp for a few minutes, followed by your usual regime of shampoo and conditioning.  You will love to see your softer hair and the conditioned scalp.  It’s not greasy at all.  It is also said that its antiseptic property is great for people having dandruff when using the oil as a pre-conditioner.  

Cuticles | I’ve always wanted to do something for my gardener’s hands.  If we are in the same boat, give this a try!  Have some coconut oil in a small container and you can massage your cuticles no matter when and where you go.  Cuticle oil as such penetrates well and it works even better than hand cream in softening the hard skin.  Give yourself an instant pedicure when you massage your feet with this oil.    

Great for eczema
Its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties make coconut oil a good emollient to use with people having eczema.  I was amazed to hear from my friends in different circles of their pleasant experiences in using coconut oil neat in massage dealing with dry skin and eczema; it reduces skin inflammation, soothes and heals wounds.

Everyone has her own weak spots.  For my beauty routines, I can do all the other things on the face but I’m just lazy with my hands.   It’s been like this even before I became a mum.  My hands age way faster than my face.  And now it’s worse.  I just have to get started and let coconut oil give my youthful hands back. 



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