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Muffin Tray Breakfast – Delicious Treat to Feed your Army


Muffin Tray Breakfast – Delicious Treat to Feed your Army 

Planning for a party or a holiday camp? Thinking about something fast and hassle-free to feed an army in a holiday house? These muffin tray breekie ideas are best for you!  What you need is just a tray and you have trillion of ideas here with different combinations. 

The beauty of these muffin tray breekie cups is that they are quick and easy. It's pretty much fool-proof and you can get your kids involved!!

Bacon egg and brocolli in a cup from Inspire and Indulge 

What about this one? It's from Table for One
A muffin cup of feta cheese, egg, zucchini, onion & thyme   
When you have a big fan of bread, try this muffin cup of bacon egg and toast, all in one!!!
Bacon egg and toast in a muffin cup 

From Martha Stewart
Ham egg and veggies in a cup 



from Quick Dish and Franchesca 
Hope you love these muffin tray snack ideas!! 




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