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Kids Lunch Box Ideas | A Hidden Love Messages to Make Your Child Smile


Find another amazing lunch box idea from Pinterest that mums will love it!  Surprise your kids with a little message from you in their lunch box!!! It’s coolest way to get your kids excited for lunch box and let them know that how much you love them!!! 

It’s a brilliant idea to cheer your child up all time, especially when they are having a bad day at school, it will remind them of you are always thinking of them! 

Here are some creative lunch box message ideas that you would enjoy!!!
Love message ideas to write:
  • I love you, mum!
  • You are awesome!
  • Have a terrific day!
  • I am proud of you!
  • You are cool!
  • Hello!
  • Smile!
  • Enjoy your lunch!
  • Hope you had a great morning!
  • Happy day!
  • Super Star!
  • You rock!
Magic Message Bananas
Simple use a toothpick to draw a pucture or write a message on your banana peel, after about an hour, you’ll have an easy-to-read hidden love message that your child will love to read. Love note: message will show up more quickly when the banana is riper.
Source | Pinterest
Source | Jdaniel4sMom
Fun Fruit Label Message
Encourage your kids to eat their fruit with a fun label that reminds them how special you think they are. You need just a few supplies: white card-stock, a 2″ hole punch, a regular hole punch and rubber bands.
Happy Lunchbox Message Buttons
If you love to recycle, this would be one of the coolest ways for you! Re-use the milk or juice bottle lid as a little note in their lunch box to make your kids smile all day long. Simple write a message or draw a picture on the inside of the bottle lids and pack in their lunch box. 
Cupcake Liner Fortune Cookies
Kids will love opening up these cute fortune cookies during their lunch time. All you need is a paper cupcake liner, pen, paper, and glue. Then, fold a paper cupcake liner in half, slip a special note inside, and apply a dot of glue to secure the liner. How simple is that!
Source | Pinterest
Talking Sandwich
How adorable this talking sandwich!!!  Kids will just love it. Simple use marshmallows for the eyes and cheerios for a mouth to make their sandwich come to life! 
Source | Pinterest
I love you sticks
These cute notes actually double as a craft — your mini Picassos can help you paint them, then once they dry (and your little ones aren't looking) you can write or draw messages and drop them in their lunch boxes. Your children will later discover a tiny piece of home in more ways than one.
Source | wahttoexpect

Free printable pre-made messages 

Download from
Lunch box jokes
I hope these lunch box message ideas will help you get a little more creative for your kid’s lunchbox all year!
Happy lunch making!



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