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[Nutritious N Delicious] Figs – the powerhouse of nutrition for you and your family


The dried fig is one of my daughter favourite snacks.  Part of the fun is in the biting into the crunching of its hundreds of tiny seeds in a fig. Its intense sweetness is yet another pleasure that lure my daughter to have her first bite.  Yes, the seeds! There can be as many as 750 seeds in one fig!  That makes how wonderful the fig is! 

Here’re some 10 benefits about these nutritional powerhouses that make them an incredible addition to anyone’s diet, particularly kids and pregnant women.  

1. The overall mineral profile of figs is way higher than any other common fruit or vegetable. The potency of calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc are key nutrients for kids and a healthy pregnancy.

2. Potassium content of figs is high. This may help to control blood pressure and therefore, the hypertension associated with preeclampsia, an adverse pregnancy condition. It also helps relieve stress and anxiety during pregnancy, too.  

3. The mineral content of figs closely resembles that of human breast milk!

4. The fig is a fruit with the highest fiber content, both insoluble and soluble.  Figs might help alleviate the constipation symptoms a lot of women suffer during pregnancy.

5. Figs contain an enzyme which aids in digestion. It works as one’s digestion is naturally slowed during pregnancy.
6. Figs are actually highly alkaline and this alkalinity contains a powerful healing agent. Figs soothe mucous membranes, particularly in the respiratory system

7. The Alkalizing properties of the fig make it an anticancer, too. 

8. The high alkaline level in figs has been shown to help curb cravings. This may help control those less-than-healthy urges that can sabotage a healthy pregnancy diet.

9. Figs are high in vitamin B6, which has long been thought to be beneficial in alleviating morning sickness.

10. Dried figs, in particular, contain significant amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential to all, including pregnancy, infants, young kids, teens and adults. Consuming ample Omega-3’s during pregnancy is also associated with a lower incidence of pre-term labor and premature delivery.  Omega-3 helps the young's cognitive growth. 
Figs taste best straight from the tree, warmed by the sun.  Though fresh figs are fragile. 
Dried figs are available all year long and will stay fresh for several months if kept in a cool, dark place or stored in the refrigerator. They should be well wrapped so that they are not over exposed to air that may cause them to become hard or dry.



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