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[Yummy Healthy Recipe for Kids] Creative Kids Fruit Snacks - Prep in 5 mins


Not every kid is a great fan of fruits.
Or you might want to get your fuzzy eater taking more fruits to the plate.  
These easy fruit snacks will appeal to every kid and adult alike!
Involve them in the prep! It’s a good chance for kids to make the most of out the eating experience.  Enjoy! 


Source | Skinny Taste  

Jurassic park on the plate  

 Source | Finger Food Company 

Assorted fruit platter with the use of cookie cutters

Source | Honest Cooking  

 What about these giant cutlets by with oversized cookie cutters?  

Source | Beneath the Rowan Tree 
Bananas and pretzel butterfly    
Source | Super Healthy Kids
Tropical paradise   
 Source | High Energy Lifestyle
Fruit basket 
Bananas and pretzel caterpillar 
Source |  Super Healthy Kids 
Sesame Street Parade   
Source | Country and Victorian Times
Fruit pizza on yogurt
 Source | Betty Crocker  
Preparing the trees below might need more than 5 minutes, getting kids in the fruit arrangement is so much fun! Best for parties and special festive occasions!    

A fabulous tree for all seasons, all parties - not just Christmas time! 

 Source | Ginger and Garlic 
More editable trees for parties  



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