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{yummy mummy wand} Look 5 years younger in an instance


As well as staying young at heart, getting the right lip colour can help you look young.
A lip gloss of shimmery pink shades can give you a young and natural glow. The key is to get the right shade of pink for you.
Aging signs to avoid
Dark lipstick colour; lipstick bleeding into fine lines, obvious lip liner, overly matte colour, thin lips, obviously fake plumped lips   

Colours to avoid
According to Nick Barose, a celeb makeup artist whose works are in magazines ranging from Glamour and InStyle to Seventeen,
Mauve makes you look older and sad’
Nudes can make you look washed out’
Orange easily veers into the clownish’
Purples make you look like you’re a victim of hypothermia’
Do try the lip colour on lips and get the right shade of pink. 

Refreshed?! By changing colours of your lips, you got a facelift effortlessly!



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