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Home Spa Series | Pamper Yourself with this 5-minute Facial Scrub at home under 10 cents


This awaking and nourishing facial scrub is super easy to do and it costs you close to nothing! What you need is just a few minutes, best before shower.  


Difficulty | super easy


Skin types | dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, dehydrated skin and aging skin  


Time you need | less than 5 minutes

What you need | something straight from your pantry: 2 parts sugar to 1 part oil; a bowl and a spoon   

Sugar is basically a medium you use to exfoliate dead skin. Some people use salt, though I use sugar as it is gentler on the skin.  I won’t fuss about going for organic options with a scrub; as long as the granules are small, white sugar does the job as well.  Brown sugar is great for its fine texture and it’s my favourite.  

Oil: half a tablespoon of oil is enough. Olive oil in the pantry can do the job well as long as the oil is 100% vegetable oil.  Organic extra virgin coconut oil is my choice. Indulge yourself in the coconutty and slightly sweet scent as you exfoliate your dead skin away. Organic extra virgin coconut oil offers more virtues than just the scent.  Read my article on Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits you from Head to Toe. 


Want more?
Add 1 drop of essential oil of your choice to the mixture and mix well. Wanna see what essential oil works best on you? Read here 
The Right Essential Oils for You - Essential Oils by Skin Types. 


1. Combine 1 part oil to 2 parts sugar in a bowl.  Half a tablespoon of oil should suffice for a face.  Add one tablespoon of sugar to a bowl. Mix well with a spoon though it’s almost impossible to keep it mixed. Don’t worry too much if you see some sugar lumps at the bottom.

2. Take the mixture into your palms and then rub gently on the face in circular motion for 30 seconds. Pay particular attention to the T-zone around the nose, forehead and the chin. Avoid the eye area. Go very briefly on the cheeks where the skin in thinner. Don’t forget your neck.

3. Rinse thoroughly.  Pat skin dry. If time allows, pamper yourself a facial mask afterwards.   

4. If your kids just yell for your attention as you have finished your 5-minute indulgence, now you’re ready to go. Feel pampered?! The sugar should have exfoliated your dead skin cells and the oil should have fed your every cell and left your skin silky soft and moisturized.  For gals with very dry skin, follow the normal skincare ritual of moisturizer and lotion after cleansing. 

Use what’s remaining on your hands and elbows.  

What if you have oily skin? 
Coconut oil will not clog pores; making that suitable for oily or troubled skin. Having said that, if you find the texture of coconut (and olive oils) too thick for you, grapeseed oil can be your choice (you can grab one at any supermarket).  You will love grapeseed oil for its feather-light texture. Skincare products with grapeseed oil can actually help regulate your natural oil production.  

What if you have sensitive skin?
Choose only very fine and small granules. Rub very gently as that won’t tear at skin and briefly. Rinse off straightaway.  I wouldn’t choose salt at all. Brown sugar and organic extra virgin coconut oil can be a good combination for you.   Did you know that organic extra virgin coconut oil is sensitive skin’s best friend? Read more
Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits you from Head to Toe





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