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6 Habits of Sage and Frugal Mummies


Happiness means the harmony of all aspects of life; it can be something deep down inside our brain to something just passes by our life journey. A messy pantry can give us a headache daily; sure enough, a messy bank statement will only give us a bigger one.  This is by all means the struggle a lot of us have as we juggle our multiple hats.  To attain a home-kid-work balanced life, we just have to wise up and stay calm in our hectic life. Practising economy doesn’t have to expect only second bests. A limited budget can bring you chic and nice stuffs. Hope that these habits of sage and frugal mummies will help you keep calm and be tickled pink in the midst of your busy days.
Make up and dress up to cheer yourself up

A year older is a year older? Can we turn the clock back? YES! And you don’t have to spend big to get a facelift. This can be done in an instance by merely switching the colour of your lipstick. You’ll be amazed by the difference a lip gloss makes.  What about giving yourself a relaxing spa experience at home after a hectic day at work and home? Staying young at heart is the elixir of forever young and the best recipe for happiness.
Be frugal, fancy and financially savvy 

Living on a tight budget won’t necessarily mean expecting inferiority. Using money smartly means that we can save more and yet maintain the quality of life. Frugal AND fancy living is not impossible, it is a matter of one’s habit and choice whether as to what, where and how to shop.  For some who judge a product by its price tag will end up paying high premium on it.  Chances are that a branded item can be betrayed in a blind test.  As we practise these habits at home, this lifelong beneficial mindset is instilled into our kids.
Embracing your kids

What is the maintenance level of your kids? Is your kid independent? The role that a mummy plays is significant. Whether a child will become emotionally stable and expressive, aggressive or submissive, the influence of a mummy is vital. A nice parent can be emotion dismissive and the child’s feelings are ignored. As we are in this new generation, we have to be sage in helping kids expressing themselves; this is as important as unleashing their potentials and talents and creating all those happy and adventurous moments for them.  At the end of the day, raising a kid is more than just feeding them and filling up their time table. 
Cooking up for loved ones 

You might not have to cook up a storm on a daily basis, but home cooking is definitely where the heart is.  Fast and simple meal ideas can create a yummy and happy experience on the table.  To time-poor mums, freezing is a good idea. Food when frozen at peak freshness can help perpetuate its shelf life; the freshness is sealed and it is better than storing at room temperature or in the fridge. Bread is a classic example.  Defrost your pack of bread at room temperature (I put small amount in separate bags) the night before and you’ll get ‘fresh’ bread the next morning.  A one-time-cooking can be served a few times in the weeks to come.  You don’t need a lot of time to prepare but you can enjoy a bit of variety in a meal.
Taking care of yourself – your body and your soul

The first things I ever learned back then as a new mum was to take care of myself. An overly exhausted nursing mum can never breastfeed her baby well. True!! This is true even when our kids grow up.  Rest, exercise, relaxation, a bit of a chat are the recipe to a mum’s wellbeing.  The worst thing is that we burn ourselves out without knowing.  Motherhood can be challenging and bittersweet but you’re not alone! Get a friend to a cuppa or simply grab the phone and vent! When mum is happy, kids are happy and the family is happy.  
Get more space at home

Wherever there are kids, there are clutters. Decluttering makes more space to everyone at home.  Decluttering the entire house might seem an impossible mission; it always works well as you start from one room to the next.  Getting things organised in boxes and drawers can save a lot of space as there are certain things that we just have to keep.  Get plenty of bags and boxes and four types of stickers ready: ‘Keep’; ‘Sell’; ‘Charity’ and ‘Giveaway’.  Your trash can be someone else’s treasure.  Selling your pre-loved online can save you a lot of time presenting things for sale at home and waiting the whole weekend. In this way, you can gain extra space at home and some extra money in pocket.
Do what you like; like what you do! Let’s encourage one another; our life is so much different when there’re like-minded going together sharing laughter and tears with you in the journey of motherhood.




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