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6 Habits of Financially Savvy Mummies


A penny saved is a penny earned.  Using money smartly means that we can save more and yet maintain the quality of life. Here’s a list of things that we can do so that money can be better spent, and in some case, we get extra cents out of it.  

Setting a budget and keeping track of spending
It’s a proven fact that the worst financial situations can be brought back on track if you keep track of your expenses both major and minor. The spend-and-forget mentality seems to be a sure-fire recipe for financial disaster, especially if one’s income is just about enough to take care of bills and other mandatory expenses. Keeping track of every dollar you spend and then cutting out the unnecessary expenses the next time around can deliver surprising results.

Doing research before buying
Knowledge is power!  There’s a wealth of information online comparing features and performance of different products: make up, waffle maker, coffee make, anything you name it, anything small or large.  Knowledge also empowers you to get the lowest price possible as you match the marked price in shops like Bing lee, Officeworks, Bunnings, even Myer and David Jones.  

Shopping around  
When buying consumables and groceries, checking unit price is the key. Most home brand products are relatively cheaper than their branded counterparts. The difference in price can be as much as 50%, while the difference in quality is not as significant that people might not be able to tell in a blind test.  It all comes down to personal discernment and life priority in making your final decision.  Shopping around can help spend more wisely.

Buying bulk on sale can save you from a big bill
It might take quite a few weeks to see a particular item of staples and consumables to go on sale. Stock up a little as things are on sale until the next cycle. It’s worth the wait as you see the bill shrinks 30-50% off regular price.  Periodic stocktake helps guarantee your ‘real’ savings; the worst thing is things end up in the bin as they go expired.

Joining membership and loyalty card programs to enjoy extra money in pocket
Loyalty cards sometimes can save you big time.  By simply swiping, or in other cases, showing the membership card as you do purchase, you will get things like an extra coffee to even fuel vouchers.  A girl friend of mine just gained a shopping centre gift card from a frequent flyer program as I was chatting with a bunch of mummies the other day.  That’s not a bad idea at all!  
At Ticked Mummy Club, we strive to bring you happiness in your everyday life. We hope that you will be tickled as you get extra discounts and bargain as you show your Savvy Pink card as you dine or buy, no matter where you go and what you do.  You wanna know more about the privileges entitled to members? See here you wanna sign up now and so you can show and save for the family, get your card here   

Switching off the light to save money, and the Earth
Sounds familiar? That’s something from our parents eh?!  As the power bills keep surging after carbon tax kicked in, the ‘switching off the light’ saying does make some sense.  Apart from switching off the light, the option of energy saving bulbs can help cost cutting. Check energy efficiency labels as they give you useful information about which brand or model you go for when buying new electrical appliances. ++ Instead of leaving the computer on all day, putting it to sleep can save some extra money.  Sleep mode, the low power mode for computers, TVs and other appliances can save electrical consumption significantly.  When the little red LED standby light is on, your power bill is charged for it. Switch them off altogether when not in use.  Energy conservation has impact not only on power bills but also our environment.


Some strategies might seem time-consuming or even futile; every little thing we do counts. If you look at the saving you’re making down the track, say in a year, they make much sense.  Financial problems are one of the worst things affecting one’s life because it can have a bearing on almost every other aspect of life.  

Involve everyone in the family – it’s a good start for kids to learn to be financially savvy.   





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