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[mum's VIEW] Tuning In To Kids: Coaching kids to become more emotionally competent


Childhood experience has great impact on one’s life. There is no doubt about it. When I was young, the exploration of various emotions happening deep down inside me was something rare. ‘You should not be scared’, that was what my mum said when everyone at home was watching a ghost story and I was sweating in fear. Negative feelings were somehow untouched and mum always moved on to something positive.  

Since my daughter arrived, I’d been practising the way I was taught when I was a child. Thanks to the parenting course, Tuning In To Kids, I’ve come to learn how to help my daughter’s emotional growth and she is getting more emotional competent. It is also a way to manage my child’s behaviour as she has stronger awareness of her own emotions now, her frustration has got a way out as she becomes more verbal in expressing her needs.

Tuning In To Kids is a parenting 6-session program which I’d highly recommend to other mummies, especially with child at preschool age.  

Know more about emotion coaching, read here: 
Emotion coaching lifts up a child’s emotional quotient 



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