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A must read for mummies who have kids taking The Selective High Placement Test


Is it your child’s turn having the Selective High School Placement Test?  You’ve come a long way!! It’s time for your child to regain energy and get ready for the test! 

With The Selective High School Placement Test round the corner, here’re some quick tips for you and your child.  Take a deep breathe, refresh your mind and get ready for tomorrow!  

These tips apply to all tests and exams. 
1. Sleep well the night before.  
2. Pack your bag the night before: stationery, water bottle (don’t drink too much though). 
3. Bring a few sharpened pencils to the test centre.  The worst thing is that you run out of pencils and you need to waste time sharpening them.  If you drop one on the floor, get a new one.   
4. Bring a happy and clear mind with you. 
5. Keep Clam and try your best! 
6. Keep Clam and read the questions very carefully. 
7. Stay focused in the multiple-choice questions! Don’t perplex yourself in multiple thoughts.
8. Double check all details. Keep an eye on the time; don’t spend too much time on one single question. 
9. Skip the seemingly daunting questions which will eat up your time. Put down a random answer, mark that so that you can go back when you’ve finished the entire paper. 
10. Don’t jump into one seemingly likely-to-be answer. While the BEST answer is what you’re after, read through ALL options in the multiple-choice question. 
11. While the BEST answer is required in the test, cross out the incorrect ones in the multiple-choice question. 
12. If time is not sufficient, go for the easy questions. 
13. Don’t waste time doing nothing. Review your answers at least once if time permits. 
14. Go back to difficult questions as you’ve skipped. 
15. An random answer gives you a 25% chance of getting the correct answer. If time is not sufficient, jot down answers randomly and come back when all the questions are done.
Drive safely! All the best! Good luck!  



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