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What you need to know when using your 
TMC Savvy Pink ShowN$ave Privilege Lifestyle Card

1. Your TMC Savvy Pink ShowN$ave Privilege Lifestyle Card (the Card or Savvy Pink ShowN$ave Card)
The Card is dedicated to you for your enjoyment of the fab and finest offers provided by participating businesses including cafés, restaurants, boutiques even nutritionists, cleaners, nannies and other services. Activating and using your Card means that you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions below. 

Look for a 
Savvy Pink ShowN$ave Privilege Lifestyle Card label at shop fronts or points-of-sale and you know that’s a Savvy Pink Partner business and you can enjoy the privileges.   

2. Your benefits
Every Savvy Pink ShowN$ave cardholder has the right to expect:
- to be surprised by the new and more tickling pink offers every day as we have more businesses joining us every day and the list of retailers is ever-expanding  
- to be able to rely on the most up-to-date advice about Savvy Pink ShowN$ave offers on the TMC platform including the website, mobile app and StayConnected e-Newsletter
- that you will be treated with respect by all of our participating partner businesses
- that your say is welcome especially in suggesting any new businesses to join
- to have any queries or complaints dealt with promptly and courteously by Your Mummy Team  
- to have your privacy respected and protected by TMC.  Any personal data and other information provided by you will be processed by TMC in accordance with the TMC Privacy Policy, a copy of which is available from  

3. Offers
Specific offers are listed on the designated pages of participating partner businesses   

Have a happy browse through and kindly read each offer before using including the small words. Offers apply to the items and terms specified. 

4. Showing your Card 
The Card is transferrable; even daddies can take advantage of it. The Card works on a Simply ShowN$ave basis; ID is not required when using the Card.

Show your Card at the time you request your bill before you redeem your offer. If your Savvy Pink ShowN$ave Card is not shown, it is not likely that you will be able to enjoy the savings and offers as you are supposed to be entitled. With the handy and petit size of the Card, it’s designed for your convenience and identification among other cards. The first issue of your 
Savvy Pink ShowN$ave Privilege Lifestyle Card is free. TMC is not responsible for lost or stolen cards. In the event that replacement of the card is needed, there is a $10 charge for that.

5. The Card might not be valid with other promotion or offers 
TMC SavvyPink offers are exclusively for TMC Savvy Pink members. The participating partners have their final say and it may not be used in conjunction with any other third-party discount programs. 

All Offers made in connection with the Savvy Pink ShowN$ave 
Privilege Lifestyle Card may change from time to time, and are made subject to the terms and conditions imposed by participating businesses. It is the sole responsibility of the participating business making the offer, which may be changed or suspended by participating businesses at any time without prior notice. TMC is not responsible for any of the Offers and is not liable for any failure by any participating businesses to fulfil an offer.

6. Changes 
TMC strives to tickle you pink. Though in certain circumstances, TMC may at any time in its complete discretion without notice to you cancel or suspend the use of the Card or change the terms and conditions of use of the Card.

7. Other terms
As well as the enjoyment that comes with the Card, there are things that we would need your help and support:
- Your acceptance of the Card means that you agree to the way how the Card is supposed to be used under stated terms and conditions
- Treat venue owners and their staff members with respect and not to abuse their hospitality
- Notify the Your Mummy Team if any entry, in the directory, or on the website, mobile app, is inaccurate
- Advise the Your Mummy Team  promptly if ever you encounter any problems using your Card
- Notify the Your Mummy Team of any changes to your personal details (such as email, telephone, address or even any new babies born. 


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