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Sept - Oct | Minecraft PI Beginner's Workshop for Kids at School Holidays

04 October 2013

Crayons Warehouse in Lane Cove East

$99.95 (The price includes a Raspberry PI and the 8-hour workshop)

Call: 1300 232 111

Minecraft PI Beginner's Workshop

Ages: 8+ 

Dates: 23/9/2013, 27/9/2013, 30/9/2013, or 4/10/2013 

 9:30am till around 5pm 

The Raspberry PI has been a unique addition to the education landscape. It is a low cost computer that can be used for any number of unique activities. The Raspberry PI is a small education computer that can be used for a host of useful activities. Our first workshops will be based on this as we are just so excited about its potential in teaching kids about computers, programming and creativity.
In the workshop we will learn about the Raspberry PI and then complete a number of projects relating to Minecraft. Minecraft PI is a special educational version of Minecraft that can be programmed using software and hardware.

The price includes a Raspberry PI. If you already have a raspberry PI please select the option for the workshop only.

Kids bring their own lunch and drinks, and we will have some goodies throughout the day. Starts at 9:30am finishing around 5pm

Workshop outline:

- What is the Raspberry PI?

- What are all the connectors and components?

- How do computers work?

- How do computers add up numbers?

- Lets get our Raspberry PI working

- What is Raspbian?

- Is that really a Python?

- Minecraft PI installed and working

- Let's setup a server and connect everyone

- Now let's change the game with our own code. Create a diamond block and play a game of hide and seek!


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