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“Over thousands of mums will be tickled pink as YOU will do the same!” 

As little as $0.43 a day, you’re putting your business name to thousands and thousands of mums and families in Australia!   

About the TMC platform 

Started in March 2013, Tickled Mummy Club has grown to become a great resource centre for over thousands of Aussie mums on tips and ideas about kids yummy healthy recipes, DIY educational toys & games, new parent’s routines and habits; value for money goodies and bargains (SavvyPink Card and MyChicDeals); giveaways; product reviews and advice, events and weekend activities, and many more.  TMC is active on Facebook, Pinterest and meeting mums face-to-face events. 

Our mission 

to provide a community where all mums are to be tickled pink! 

to foster a daily destination for all Aussie mums and families with hot deals and an interactive platform on the web.

Our value 

By supporting mums and families, we are supporting Australian business retailers.

Our approach 

By enlisting sponsors and retail business partners to provide discounts, bargains and giveaways of the most fabulous and finest goods and services to our TMC mummy members, mums and families are tickled. This is a win-win situation which “over thousands of mums will be tickled pink as YOU (our retail business partners) will do the same!” 

Becoming a Tickled Mummy Club Savvy Pink retailer is easy!! Tickled Mummy Club is a hassle-free marketing platform which helps you keep everything on track while you will have more time to focus on your business strategies. 

Advertising opportunities range from giveaways, email newsletter, social media broadcast, weekend shows, activities and events, GetTogether events, Kids’ Learn thru Play workshops, product reviews and many more.  Through these, you’re connecting with over thousands of Aussie mums and families in an effective way which will reflect in brand awareness and boost in sales.   

Your participation sends a positive message to mums that you value their business.

With your support, our mummy members will be tickled pink and they spread the word to their social network.

At TMC mummy team, we’re very glad that you are here!! We’d be very happy to meet you and explain how our TMC platform can help maximise your exposure and sales.

Thanks for your interest!  We’re just an email away!!! Email us on now and we’ll be in touch!  

Stay tickled  
The Mummy Team at Tickled Mummy Club  

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